In its upright position, Death doesn’t represent death itself, but rather the end of one cycle and the start of another.

In the Past position of a reading, it implies that you have recently moved into a new era in your life. You may have experienced some kind of sacrifice in doing so and you’re still feeling the reverberations of this.

If Death appears in this past position, it is indicating that the worst is behind you.

This card is associated with Water and Scorpio in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with Death are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 13. (no name): The end of something whose time has come. Cutting off past influences or attachment to dominant figures. Giving up the superfluous and keeping only the essential. Disintegration of the old gives space for the new.

Inverse: Difficulty in coping  with loss or change. A challenging period, lack of resources, disintegration. Realization of a painful truth. Does not predict future death, but may reflect anxiety about dying or the mourning of a death which has already occurred.

Message: give up what is over.

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