The Judgement card indicates a decision and an outcome.

In the future position, it talks of a decision you are about to make that will influence your future quite significantly. And remember not making decisions is just as much a choice as making them. Everything we do or don’t do will affect our future.

If you have a decision that you know you need to make, then make it. Try your best to make it the right one. It’s all that anyone can do.

This card is associated with Fire and Pluto in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with Judgement are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 20. Judgment: Revelation, enlightenment, a new understanding. A turning point in an emotional therapy process. Healing of a family relationship. Disclosure, secrets being revealed, publicity. Birth of a baby or of a new thing.

Inverse: Revelation of something that should have been kept hidden. Lack of privacy. Encountering an unpleasant truth. Problems related to child-parents relations. Too much noise and drama.

Message: awaken to spiritual reality.