The Judgement card indicates a decision and an outcome.

In the past, it talks of an incident where you may have jumped to a conclusion, and that however that ended up playing it, it’s still having an effect on your life today.

It may have been a conclusion to do with someone else, or it may literally have been a conclusion to a part of your life. Perhaps you moved on from something and have started anew.

This card is associated with Fire and Pluto in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with Judgement are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 20. Judgment: Revelation, enlightenment, a new understanding. A turning point in an emotional therapy process. Healing of a family relationship. Disclosure, secrets being revealed, publicity. Birth of a baby or of a new thing.

Inverse: Revelation of something that should have been kept hidden. Lack of privacy. Encountering an unpleasant truth. Problems related to child-parents relations. Too much noise and drama.

Message: awaken to spiritual reality.

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