It its upright position, Temperance represents the duality of life. It also represents balance, moderation in all things and self-control.

In this past position of the reading, it indicates that the recent past has been relatively calm for you, and this because of this, you’ve been able to make good progress in whatever aspect of life you consider to be important for your success.

It may also reflect something traumatic in your past that you have learned from and that has made you into the person you are today.

This card is associated with Fire and Sagittarius in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with Temperance are:

CBD Interpretation 

Card 14. Temperance: Reconciliation, compromise, relaxation of tensions. Integration of opposites. Ability to do the seemingly impossible. A slow process of distillation and improvement. Patience, perseverance. Self-improvement.

Inverse: Going back and forth without making real progress. Losing patience with a process which takes a long time. Narcissism, emotional preoccupation with your own self.

Message: find the golden mean.