The Chariot represents success. It will require determination and self-discipline to achieve, but don’t give up!

In the Past position, it represents a success that upon which you are still relying. It’s time to do something new in order to grow on this success. Look at the lessons you have learned and apply them going forward.

This card is associated with Water and the astrological sign of Cancer in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Chariot are:

CBD Interpretation 

Card 7. The Chariot: Victory or an achievement putting the querent in a strong and protected position. Ambition, energy, motivation to move forward. Public honor. Power and high status.

Inverse: Inner weakness hidden behind external show-off. Arrogance, vanity. Over-protectiveness, emotional closure. Confusion about one’s goals. Losing the simple touch with people and reality.

Message: dare and win.