The Devil is all about ignorance, obsession, and materialism over spirituality.

In this past position of the reading, it indicates that you’ve recently overcome some sort of obsession, addiction or bad habit that was causing you pain. Because The Devil is appearing in this past position, it would indicate that your troubles are behind you now.

This card is associated with Earth and Capricorn in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Devil are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 15. The Devil: A burst of creativity. Paradoxes and contradictions revealed and accepted. Irony and mocking of common conventions. Acting from desires, passions and impulses. Moving on from a past family trauma.

Inverse: Temptation, attraction to the dark and forbidden. Exploitation, egotism, domination. Compulsive physical or sexual self-gratification. Senseless behavior has its price. Difficulty in  detaching oneself from a perverse relationship.

Message: express passion and desire.