The image of the Fool typically represents the querent at the start of their journey – innocent, unknowing, with no baggage to hold them back and the world of potential before them.

In the present position it could represent a new journey or phase of life.

This card is associated with Air and the planet Uranus in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Fool are:

CBD Interpretation

(unnumbered) The Fool: Freedom from conventions and norms. Something or someone unique and exceptional. Options kept open. Giving up control, spontaneity. Uncertainty, attention to the here and now. Going on a trip.

Inverse: Difficulty in choosing and committing oneself to something stable. Restlessness. Lack of purpose. Getting lost. Foolish behavior. Eccentricity, lack of acceptance by the social environment. Difficulty in planning ahead.

Message: be on the move.

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