The Hierophant represents the importance of spirituality in your life. He is closely related to The High Priestess.

In this future position of the reading, he is telling you that you need to go with your flow. Planning isn’t necessary – it will all work out, and likely better than you could possibly have imagined. But it’s probably that not in the way you thought.

This card is associated with Earth and Taurus in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Hierophant are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 5. The Pope: Teacher, instructor or counselor. Education and knowledge, Academic expertise. Organized religion, conventional medicine or psychology. Spiritual father. Consultation or treatment by a specialist. Marriage.

Inverse: Excessive adhesion to conventions and outdated norms. Bureaucracy, an oppressive establishment. Hypocrisy, discrimination. Divorce.

Message: respect knowledge and education.