The High Priestess card is all about patience, secrets, and knowledge. She shows you that there is something to be learned and discovered.

The High Priestess represents thought before action. Balance and intuition embodied – and in the past position, she indicates that this is how you acted.

This card is associated with Water and the Moon in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The High Priestess are:

Feminine Energy

CBD Interpretation

Card 2. The Popess: Wisdom combining intellect and intuition. A spiritual mother. A woman hiding her strengths in a world of men. Modesty. Secrets, something hidden, mystery. Getting a hint of something which remains largely unknowm. Impossible to give a definite answer now.

Inverse: Need to hide our true nature behind the conventions of normal society. Conservative approach to sex and the body. Emotional blockage.

Message: know how to set boundaries.