The Magician represents the first steps of a new journey and a glimpse at a bigger picture. It symbolises potential and all that could come into being.

If the Magician shows up in the Present position, it represents your confidence in your ability to convey the knowledge that you possess.

This card is associated with Air and the planet Mercury in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Magician are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 1. The Magician: Start of something. Beginner’s luck. Having various tools and means at our disposal. Use of supernatural forces. Creating reality with mind power. Training and acquisition of practical skills. Improvisation. Display or show for other people.

Inverse: Tricks, sleight of hand, cheating. Showing off, pretending. Lack of self-awareness about body, sexuality or basic motives. Near miss due to inexperience or inaccuracy.

Message: create a new reality.