The Moon represents uncertainty in the Tarot – something that is unclear, or obscured from you.

In this, the present position of a reading, it may mean that you are misunderstanding something or someone around you. You aren’t completely ignorant (like The Fool), you simply lack clarity. You may be afraid of what you don’t know. But the unknown will remain intimidating until you discover more about it, so you need to find out.

This card is associated with Water and Pisces in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Moon are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 18. The Moon: Deep emotions, perhaps related to a mother or feminine figure. A different experience of reality. Longing for the unreachable. Finding one’s own hidden strengths. Occupation with the remote past and its influences. A hidden treasure.

Inverse: Vague and disturbing feelings. Coping with emotional difficulties, a period of depression. Danger lurking under the surface. Retreat, the road ahead is blocked. Difficulty in finding a way.

Message: don’t be afraid to go deep down.

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