The Star is one of the really positive Tarot cards. It represents inspiration, joy and a sense of calm hope.

In the past position of a reading, it talks of a feeling of peace. Perhaps you have overcome an upsetting incident or achieved something great. Now is a time to relax and appreciate your efforts.

This card is associated with Air and Aquarius in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Star are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 17. The Star: Openness, simplicity, return to nature. Purity, honesty. Showing yourself “as you are”, accepting one’s body and desires. Generosity. Luck from heaven. Doing the right thing from natural gut feelings. Intuitive feeling of guidance or energy coming from a higher plane.

Inverse: Naive optimism and wishful thinking leading to disappointment. Exposing oneself to danger or abuse. Difficulty in setting proper boundaries. Squandering, wastefulness.

Message: flow from a pure source.

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