Upright, the Sun is a positive card wherever it falls in a reading. It represents optimism, success, joy and enthusiasm.

In this, the past position of a reading, it indicates that you have been experiencing a really fortunate time in your life. It’s a time that has prepared you well for what is to come.

This time has helped you build solid and joyful foundations from which to move on with your life.

This card is associated with Fire and Leo in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Sun are:

CBD Tarot.com Interpretation

Card 19. The Sun: Light and warmth, abundance, blessings. Pleasant feeling, emotional or physical healing. Partnership, trust, sharing, brotherhood. Human touch. An ideal father figure. Matters relating to children. Setting limits in a moderate and non-oppressive way.

Inverse: Living in a limited space, difficulty to face reality “in the open”. Inability to act in a mature way. Dependence on others. Someone or something too intensive and energetic to feel comfortable with. An absent father.

Message: find suitable partners.

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