The Tower is widely considered to be the most negative of all the Tarot cards, and in its upright position refers to a sudden change, shock, disruption or conflict.

In this past position of the reading, it indicates that you have experienced (either recently or in your past) one or more of the above. Either way, this incident still has a hold over you and how you live your life. It changed you. Typically, growing from something like this allows for greater control over your life, eventually.

This card is associated with Fire and Mars in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Tower are:

Card 16. The Tower: Breaking up of solid structures. Getting free from confinement. Sudden breakthrough after long preparations. Sparkling sexual encounter. Success lies in simplicity and modesty.

Inverse: Shock, collapse of projects or trusted structures. A fall from an apparently solid and secure position. Chaos, confusion, difficulty in understanding what is going on. Vanity and pride lead to failure.

Message: return to the solid ground of reality.

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