The Wheel of Fortune represents changes and developments that relate to destiny.

In the Past position of this reading, it represents a big change that has taken place that is still having an effect on your life.

This card is associated with Fire and the planet Jupiter in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Wheel of Fortune are:

CBD Interpretation

Card 10. The Wheel of Fortune: Change in circumstances and position. A rise after a fall. Gambling, putting faith in capricious luck. Life cycles, closure of circles. Adapting to the routine of everyday life. A hint to previous incarnations.

Inverse: A decline after a period of rising. Danger lurks for those at the summit. Repeating patterns, moving in a closed circle. Capricious mood changes. Being carried along by external circumstances, feeling powerless to affect one’s situation.

Message: accept life’s ups and downs.

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