Past Life Psychic Reading 20mins Voicemail


Past Life ReadingPast Life Psychic Reading 20min Voiecemail | Psychic Twin Featherz
 Past Life Psychic Reading You will receive:A recorded message of your Past Life Psychic Reading in mp3 format …. Length: Aprox. 20mins


Past Life Psychic Reading 🔮Past Life Reading

This Product is for a 20min Voicemail Past Life Psychic Reading in a Voice Recorded Message

You will receive:

  • A recorded message of your Past Life Psychic Reading in mp3 format that will be attached to your returned email.
  • Length: Aprox. 20mins

What Donna Requires From you:

  • Your Details: – your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • A picture of yourself
  • A breif description of your current concerns, beliefs or hinderances. (if any)
  • Any questions you may have.
  • After payment is processed, email your details to Donna at twinfeatherz@gmail.comThis is​ a Voicemail Reading which is a recorded message that is delivered to you in an Mp3 audio format directly to your email. Something to refer back on.

A Past life reading is often very enlightening and empowering for anyone who is seeking insight into their own subconscious. Donna offers Past life readings in much the same way as she offers her psychic readings, whereby she channels Spirit and intuitively reviews your past lives. The lifetime that is brought forward in your reading will most often be the one that is most relevant to your life now. The information that is received about this past life will in some way be relevant to your present life and circumstances.

A past life reading can be insightful and enlightening experience and is a wonderful opportunity to discover ways to heal, change and to see a better ‘way of life’ in your current lifetime. Past life readings will give you a sense of self empowerment, personal growth and will have a positive impact for you.


Got to website for all other Psychic Reading options, including Phone and Video call Psychic Readings.

All purchase is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.
*** PLEASE NOTE ~ If Donna – Twin Featherz has not received your details within 2 weeks of payment, your reading will be considered completed. Donna will not keep records of past readings what so ever, so please do not email her after 2 weeks of payment saying that you did not send her your details or receive your reading. Donna will not give refunds, her fees are based on the time that it takes for your session. It is your responsibility to send her your details.✨🔮


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