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  Concentrate on the area of question. Empty your mind. focus on breath and formulate a question for the Divine Source / Spirit / Oracle. Mouse over the cards and select 1 card that you are drawn to.

How to Become a Psychic Reader or Develop Psychic Skills

How to become a psychic, or developing psychic abilities, is a topic that often evokes intrigue and curiosity. While the concept of being a psychic varies across different belief systems and perspectives, I can offer you some general guidance on how to explore and enhance your intuitive abilities. It’s important to note that psychic abilities […]

Brisbane Psychic Readings

Brisbane Psychic Readings For Guidance, Insight and Positive Changes Where are you in Life? Are you happy with how things are going in areas such as Love, Money, Relationships, Family, Career, Health, or do you feel you could be doing better? Perhaps you could consider Brisbane Psychic Twin Featherz and be open to help change […]


Channelling The Realm Of The Unseen Channelling the realm of the unseen is an effective means of spiritual growth and self transformation. Channelling, in a way, is kind of like an altered state of consciousness to connect or access other realms, timelines, spirits or dimensions. It seems to be a vision or experience of spiritual energy […]

Smudging A Bridge to Higher Realms

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice used by many cultures from all over the world.  Dating back to more than 4,000 years ago, they each had their own medicinal and cultural uses.  The most widespread practice of smudging  has been used for purification, dispelling negative energy and improving mood. The Ancient’s believed that Smudging is […]

The Oracle Of Love

  Point to the Magic Square for the Oracle of LOVE The answers of the Oracle Of Love are startling in their accuracy, and many are amazed that it should be able to speak to them so clearly, believing that it must have Occult powers. Magic Squares provide endless fascination for people of all ages. […]

Live As Your Future Self

Law Of Attraction is to Live as Your Future Self You know enough about the world to have a pretty good idea of what it will take to live the life you desire. Your brain can quickly give you an accurate picture of the person you need to become to create the change you desire. […]

Tune In To Spirit – Unified Feild Of Consciousness

How to test your ability to tune in to Spirit the Unified Feild of Consciousness Its relatively a simple process to test your abilty to tune into Spirit, the unified feild of consciousness, the Universe or however you refer to God. Begin by filling a small glass with water and wrap your hands around the […]

Calm Your Soul To Overcome Challenges

Overcome Challenges CALM YOUR SOUL Challenges give you an opportunity to exercise your focus and determination. During challenging times you would do well to concentrate on maintaining a calm soul. This approach will help you to overcome challenges that you are facing Firstly, avoid being reactive to difficult situations that catch you off guard. While […]