How to test your ability to tune in to Spirit the Unified Feild of Consciousness

Its relatively a simple process to test your abilty to tune into Spirit, the unified feild of consciousness, the Universe or however you refer to God.

  • Begin by filling a small glass with water and wrap your hands around the glass. 
  • Take a few mins to calm your mind, close your eyes
  • visualise the water as the blueprint of your own reality 
  • Take in a few deep breaths
  • Ask Spirit to deliver a sign to you within the next 12 hours to show you that its listening and recieving your messages of desires.
  • Drink the water
Now, get on with your day and keep a watchful eye and focus on being aware of your environment as you go about your day. Be ready and open to recieve because when you least expect it and in a way that you can have no doubt you will indeed recieve a message.


The message may arrive in any of multple possibilites. Such as;

  • A few words of reassurance in a billboard
  • A feather on your path
  • A formation in the clouds
  • A song with the lyrics that resonate
  • A repeating number sequence
  • Words from a stranger 
  • Synchronicity 
  • A sudden ‘Knowing’ 
  • Any form of nature such as birds, moths, butterflies, pets, animals, trees will all speak their own languge with a message from Spirit

However the message presents itself will be known to you withn the 12hours because you asked for it. 

Be sure to gives thanks with gratitude when you have recieved your message from Spirit.