Sekhem Energy Healing

Sekhem is an Ancient Egyptian term for this hidden power of ions and means Power,
Absolute Energy and Life Force. 

sekhmet energy

Sekhem Energy “Life Force” is energy exhibited in all living things, and is seen as an “active” Principle of Life’s Vital Force.

Sekhem Energy”, or simply “Sekhem” is “Hidden ions” that is contained within Air and these ions can be used to “revitalize every cell in the Human Body”. These hidden ions when applied the right way can be used to raise the vibrations of all those around you, and can also be used to raise your own “Emotional Frequency”. 

The word “Sekhem” became known as “Prana” in India Yogi practices and “Chi” in Chinese Taoist Schools of thought. Science calls this hidden energy ‘negative ions”.    

The word “Sekhem” is pronounced (SECK –HEMMM) which gives off a Vibration to the speaker.  The tones are aligned with the Physiological (Physical) makeup which helps to open certain Brain Centers, thus enhancing a Higher State of Conscious Awareness. His in turn creates better receptors to the “Vibrations” coming from Nature.  

Ancient Egyptians viewed Sekhem Energy “Life Force” in all living things and when it seized in living things, they viewed a lifeless shell. “Sekhemic Energy” is known as a Universal Principle and Energy that is the essence of all Motion, Force and Energy. 

Sekhem Energy is in all forms of Matter, and yet it is not “Matter”; it is in the Air that we breathe yet is not the “Air”.  Animal and Plant life breathes it in with the Air, and yet if the Air contained it not, they would die even though they might be filled with Air.  It is taken up by the System along with “Oxygen”, and yet is not “Oxygen.” Sekhem Energy is in the Atmospheric Air, but it is also elsewhere, and it penetrates where the Air cannot reach. It’s also called “Ether”  

Ancient Egyptians viewed Life from a Holistic point of view. They took the time to examine and look into the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. They knew as Ancient Alchemist’s the power of Manipulation within the hidden Elements and Forces within Nature, or the Transmutation of Space, Matter and Time. Thus, creating a Sekhem Mind Body Spirit and Soul Healing System.  

Ancient Egyptians viewed Sekhem as a Universal and Cosmic Power. This life force energy was also associated with the female Goddess SEKHMET who was the patroness of the Healing Fire of the Sun. The source of all life on this planet.  

Cultivating Sekhem Energy has great healing benefits for the body, mind, spirit and soul. The Sekhem Energy produces biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemicals which are created in the brain and secreted by the pineal gland known as serotonin. This helps to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost overall energy. Sekhem Healing Energy creates positive vibes that creates a heightened sense of Awareness. 

Sekhem Energy Healing is a sacred Ancient Egyptian Healing System. It consists of channelling in the universal life force energy, the use of Tones, and Sound Vibrations. When chanting tones, the vibrations align the cells in the body with the Sekhem Energy, and that restores the body back to a balanced State. Sacred Geometric Symbols are also sometimes used. 

The ‘laying of hands’ is also used, as well as other natural tools such as crystals to manipulate one’s subtle energy field, Chakras and Aura. This instinctive use of the hands is a form of initiating magnetism to the individual, who is usually relieved by the act. Sekhem Energy Healing is a most powerful therapeutic force in nature. It is one of the oldest forms in natural healing. 

Sekhem Energy Healing is indeed healing of the lower self so that it can submit and become unified with the Higher Self allowing the individual to identify with their Self and life purpose, not with the illusion of ‘who we are’ in Space, Matter and Time. Ref: The Nun Tablets