Twin Featherz Spirit Healing is always a unique experience for every individual, no matter how many times one receives this healing. Donna channels Spirit and acts as a conduit to source SEKHEM ENERGY HEALING  (Ancient Egyptian Healing System) that seems to come through either in a very subtle way or a powerful force that leaves the individual feeling as though a sense of ‘heaviness’ has left them.   

The Sekhem Healing Energy will disintegrate whatever it is in the individual’s energy Aura field that has or is manifesting in a negative emotional manner. Always without fail, the individual experiences a sense of ‘feeling lighter’ a sense of love and joy overcomes them in a way that whatever distress that they first entered the session with has diminished. They feel elated and have a sense of clarity and balance.   

The Spirit Healing will activate a detoxifying process within the individual to restore balance to the individual’s mental. emotional, spiritual and physical body. The energy flow will begin to correct and balance any and everything that needs to be brought into harmony. During the Spirit Healing session, the individual may experience tingling, heat or vibration moving through them. Donna does not claim that the Spirit Healing will cure the individual in anyway. It is advisable to be of an open mind to receive and allow the energies to flow.   

There is no hard and fast rules to this system and it cannot tell you what you will or will not experience (if anything at all) as everyone is different and what can be profound and mind blowing for one individual, can be very calm and subtle for another individual. However, the individual can be assured that they will experience an energy shift of some sort and most likely will experience a clearer mind, a feeling of lightness and a sense of release. The individual may also experience a release of sadness, grief, loss, pain, heartache, etc. Healing

Other ways the individual may also experience a shift is, a change or release in physical symptoms to either disappear or subside and also anxiety, stress and panic attacks to reside/disappear. A clearing of past-life karmic ties which is often related to physical symptoms or what is holding the individual back in this life time can also happen.   

The individual’s emotion is what determiner’s and gauge’s how they react to the healing and the intensity of it.    

The session takes place with the individual sitting comfortably in a chair whilst Donna stands behind as to access the individual’s energy aura. (Any ‘hands on’ that may or may not take place will be on the head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, back and tummy.) Donna, then acts as a conduit to source Sekhem Energy by channeling Spirit with the intention to heal and disintegrate whatever is of imbalance within the individual’s aura field.

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This Sekhemic Energy is channelled through Donna who acts as a conduit to transfer the healing energy into the individual’s energy field. Donna is completely aligned with her Higher Self (Soul Star Chakra) and Lower self (Earth Star Chakra) while she channel’s in the Sekhem Healing Energy with the intention Love, Light and Wholesome Healing.  

Donna also has a strong ability to provide Distant Spirit Healing without you being in her physical presence and this is because she becomes a conduit for Sekhem Healing Energy. The individual’s physical body is not needed. All that is required from the individual is a picture of them self, their name and a brief description of their ailment/s. 


These two photos were taken in Egypt at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, in May 2013.

This photo on the left,  I am feeling and sensing Spirit

and as you can see in this photo on the the Right,  there is indeed a Spirit Orb right there. ♥ and I had stood back as I felt it closer to me.

Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healing is part of a person’s psychic ability .