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Hi Donna, Your Spirit Healing / Psychic reading that you did for me about a man I was having trouble letting go of (Craig). Yes, he was gone but I couldn't let go of the emotions. I listened to your psychic reading over and over before bed and when I woke up in the morning for a whole week. My feelings for him are now completely gone & I am now over him! I don't dwell on him and get that it was a no win situation. I'm a big believer in that if you can change your thoughts you can change your life. I have been practising for the past 3 years & slowly manifesting many positive changes. I knew having feelings for an unavailable man wasn't a good idea or what I wanted. It has taken me nearly 2 years to fully release him. The reading helped me to cut the final thread as you said the right things. Yes , the power of the mind ! Thank You for the healing/reading. It was what I needed to hear. Regards
Dear Donna, You’ve truly helped me a lot regarding several issues. Iv’e only found out about you for approximately two weeks or so, and by that iv’e had around five readings with you. I love everything you get, your clarity, insight, honesty and the ability to stay neutral and let the spirits guide you. Im overly high-sensitive and emotional at the moment, but everything you told me so far, made so much sense!!! Gosh, this sounds a bit cliche, but i highly would recommend you to everyone i know! You are a lady of integrity who speaks the truth, not just telling a fairytale we all want to hear. I think it was worth every dollar, because it all made so much sense!! You gave me hope for the future, that is well needed for me. Iv’e tested different clairvoyants in my life, and you truly are one of the top 3! Your voicemail readings are truly great, and you deserve a five star review for the work you do. I choose you by your many reviews, and now i can myself confirm that you truly deserve the top score on your services! And keep up the good work ♥ Blessings, Anastasija from Norway ♥️
Hey Donna, I am very well thank you, at first I didn't think I felt any different but then realized that there was a shift in me. It was more of a I have control back of my mind if that makes any sense, I tried a little meditation last night which I haven't done for over 30 year's which reminds me of my age, dohhh. I will start doing more meditating to take back control of my life and what I need and want. I'm thankful for finally seeing you and feeling your love, thank you very much beautiful Queen Of The Nile. Thank you, love Miguel aka Michael
MY GOSH! Donna You are SOMETHING ELSE! THANK YOU! My second Spirit Healing session with you and I keep feeling like I receive this more enormous gift after the next, from you and I wonder how it is that I deserve it. You have changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Donna, you are one of the most amazing people I have had the honor of meeting. I just wanted you to know that I am eternally grateful to you, for not only being, but truly caring. From the bottom of my heart: You are one of those rare beings one is ever so fortunate to have encountered in one's life. You are such a bright light in our world and I feel so fortunate to know you. I'm not just saying these words, they are speaking through me. I will be writing to you soon through email with more details of my experience. Again I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your presence in my world. It tips scales, easily, effortlessly. Lots of love to you xox Love and Light from Zahra
Dear Donna, I just wanna say thank you again for the session today. It was great to know some of my issues, opening the way to get them sorted. However, what happened after the session was indescribable. I had the most powerful experience in my life after I left your unit. My car was parked at the top of the road and right before I reached it I began crying profusely. I struggled to get into the car and when I sat down my crying became more than intense and lasted about 10 minutes, I think. As I cried uncontrollably, many times I felt ALL the air escaping my lungs and after all the air was gone I continued exhaling further but it was no air but sounds. Sometimes laughter, then the same humming/chanting you did during the session, then a vibrating noise. Alternating, but in sequence - cannot fully explain. The first half of the episode I could not say or nearly think of anything. The second half I began saying "I understand, I understand!" and "It's OK, it's OK, I know it, I know it!!". I did not hear any voices but I know I had a conversation and I responded to it. Surreal. Sitting in the car to my right I could see the church and I was "guided" to look at the building and right above it the sun. I looked at the sun and then another powerful blitz of intense energy happened and I shook strongly. Then I put my hands on the wheel and I could see my energy body I assume, as I could see 4 hands whistle they were moving sideways, similar to what's depicted in the movies when one is travelling through a wormhole. For many years I was introduced to sungazing as explained by Hira Ratan Manek; I now feel that I must do it, and I am inclined to do it. Then, out of the sudden, I felt an urgency to leave the car and sink my hands on the ground, to touch the earth. I found a patch of garden and pressed my hands onto the soil; I was still crying profusely. I could see rings of light around my fingers, looping from the ground. This lasted about 30 seconds, then I stood up and strongly touched the tree in front of me. Then I had the urge to go to the church. When I got there I held onto the green gate, put my face on the round opening and had another large exhale + noises/vibrations. Then I looked at a stone mandala on the top of the building and linked it to the crop circles that I am fascinated with for decades. Interesting a VERY similar mandala is on a picture above my bed, on my side of the bed. They are crop circles. For you, this might be common and you advised me of these certain occurrences. But for me, I was in awe. I know this is a awakening and I will now continue to open myself to connect more with the energy, accept my call, learn, be productive in this area. I am extremely tired now, have a mild headache, and, honestly, feel happier as I haven't for a long time. Hope to see you in the future. Cheers, Marc
Hi Donna, if I could present you with a bouquet of flowers I would love to ? During the dismemberment I had my eyes open however I was still conscious to the actions in the healing, I was focusing on watching it on a physical plane as white wisps broke free as I dismembered my hand, my lower arm, my upper arm, torso etc. It was interesting. I was very emotional during it all and I remember after I reassembled myself, I experienced a full body quake, all I can remotely share the experience to is like the hot water running out in a shower and suddenly the water going cold, it was shocking, exasperating and refreshing all at the same time I had goosebumps on my arms. I capped it off by running 2 laps outside my courtyard lawn and kissing the two roses in my home address community garden which blossomed today 😀 That's what you call pruning a tree 😉 The healing was marvellous, your ability is so expansive Donna, I'm unable describe it in words. I am so proud of myself that I found you after all this time. I feel like as if the new energy, the new me, anything positive can come forwards now and I look forward to dismembering myself on a weekly basis 😉 Yours Sincerely, Rebecca
Wow Donna Marie, thank you very much. Had the strangest experience last night around the time you must have been connecting with my spirit. I just suddenly woke up excitable and thirsty, like I knew something was happening! Listened to the recording as soon as I woke up this morning and felt the change instantly, emotions were brought to the surface. Also, my face looked different in the mirror! Indescribable experience. I'll continue to get so much healing out of this, can't thank you enough. Take care, much love, Molly x
Dear Donna, Words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am for your profound, empowering and powerful Distant Healing you recently did for me. I am absolutely floored, it has honestly been one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life thus far. Consequently, that is the reason it has taken me days to write you, I didn't know how to even begin to express my gratitude to you. Upon listening to your beautiful 1 hour audio, I immediately felt clearer and lighter, incredibly safe, nurtured and empowered, and there was a distinct shift in the energy through the guided meditation. I immediately was empowered to take clear action following the healing, and have been immensely inspired with clarity since. Additionally, I was so thrilled that you connected and was accompanied with my "main man", and guide, "Osandah". And consequently, you in turn answered MANY questions through resurfacing my past lives with Osandah. The North American Tribe you described, were known as the "Thunder beings" or "Pèthakhuweyok", there is little to no archaeological evidence left of them other than folklore, but I remember that life like it was yesterday, I reconnect with that past life frequently in my dreams and meditations, it is so amazing that you were shown that. Thank you so much. Throughout the healing, as you guided through the severing of the "karmic cords", my body literally convulsed, I had no idea how entwined and knotted I was in this regard, there was a very thick cord from my abdomen that was shown to me. However afterwards, there was an immediate swell and tsunami of white/ gold light that encompassed me quickly, it was cooling and immensely calming. Donna. You're an immensely gifted healer, and having you guide me through it, I knew I was safe and protected, and that is a terribly rare thing. Your fire energy is so profound, it truly encompasses your embodiment, it's such a beautiful thing. Thank you deeply for all your time and energy, Donna Marie. You have given me so much. You have found a client for life 🙂 Have a beautiful evening. Love, Mikarla xo