Voicemail Psychic Readings is a recorded message

This recorded voicemail message is a recording of the reading fron Donna. It is delivered to you in an Mp3 audio format directly to your email. Something to refer back on and It’s easy, fast and convenient.

For a voicemail psychic reading, Donna will record herself whilst channeling Spirit to seek answers to your questions

What is required from you

  • Your full Name & Date of birth and that of others in question
  • A recent Picture of yourself and people in question (if you have).
  • Your Specific Detailed Question/s.
    • Ensure your question is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question. There is no time to decipher vague or incoherent questions.
    • Donna needs to focus on the information that you need answering. This will ensure that she receives a clearer picture into the answers that you seek.
    • Be honest frank and do not be afraid to reveal your fears. It is important that Donna understands your question. The clearer your question, the more detailed your answer will be. 
    • Also, add names, dob and photos of anyone else mentioned in your question. If applicable.

Everything that Donna receive’s for Voicemail Psychic Readings is channeled. Donna is a Psychic clairvoyant and she see’s images. Donna hear’s the information in words and  her strong sense of inner receive’s for your Psychic Reading is channeled. Donna is a Psychic clairvoyant and she see’s images. Donna hear’s the information in words and her strong sense of inner ‘knowing’  clarifies the information that she receives from Spirit.

Read more about Donna here

Donna does not use tarot  or other oracles, nor does she provide ‘cheap psychic readings’.  Every insight, guidance and information that Donna receives for you comes from Spirit, channeled  through her higher self.  The insight, wisdom and knowledge that is received is usually relevant to you in whatever your current situation/circumstance. 

Steps to follow to get a voicemail psychic reading

All payments are made safely and securely through PayNow button You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to proceed as PayPal will accept debit and credit cards on our behalf.

  • Select your preferred psychic reading from the drop down menu and make payment using the  PayPal link
  • Email your details to twinfeatherz@gmail.com
  • Details: Names, Pictures and Questions (see below)
  • Your your psychic reading will be emailed within 1-2 days
  • All readings are strictly confidential. Donna deletes all information and recorded readings on completion

Example of A Voicemail Psychic Reading

Voicemail Psychic Reading Options

VoiceMail Psychic Reading Options
brisbane psychic
Psychic Reading In Person


Visit Donna in person for a Psychic Reading or a Spirit Healing in Brisbane CBD, QLD Australia

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whatsapp phone psychic call
Psychic Reading by Phone Call


A WhatsApp Phone/ Video or ZOOM Psychic Call from the comfort of your own home is an easy experience

More Info & Book A Time
gift vouchers
Gift Vouchers


The Perfcet Gift for any occassion! Twin Featherz Digital Gift vouchers make a wonderful gift for any celebration

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