Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle

Donna has created a space with the intention of calling in anyone whom resonates with the Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle 

The Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle is intended for Open Sharing amongst each other of all things Spiritual and the Divine Source 

Sharing knowledge and wisdom on various topics such as …

  • Energy Awareness
  • Journaling
  • Sigil’s
  • Meditation
  • Psychic Development
  • Psychometry 
  • Aura’s
  • Law of Attraction
  • Pendulums
  • Mirror Work
  • Spiritual Healing Development
Spiritual Circle
Marie-Jean Hamilton Art

The Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle is an opportunity for you to share your experiences, ask questions and learn from others to better invest and enhance in your own personal spirtual growth.

Your path toward spiritual enlightenment is a personal ever growing self awaremness and a sense of ‘becomming’ a better person. Your life purpose is simply to be the best version of you that you can become.

Personal growth is something that is ever-evolving all of the time. You learn, evolve and grow though your own choices, decisions, actions, re-actions, experiences and self awareness. When you are mindful of this you will live on purpose being mindful of the present  moment at all times. By staying True to Self and being the witness at all times, you will naturally maintain your own sense of deep inner peace.

The Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle will include a short meditation to induce a relaxed state of mind which will begin the sharing of personal experiences. From there we will practice a divination exercise on each other. After everyone has recieved their reading, we will then choose the theme or topic to further explore.

Come to know thyself more deeply and intuitively expand your own awareness and live more consciously.

Within the circle we will explore, discuss and try out a wide range of spiritual and self empowering themes. We will practice with each other, bounce of ideas and give productive feedback which will further develop your skills. The open sharing discussions will be focused around Channeling, Spirit Healing, Mindfulness, Energy Awareness, Meditation, Pendulums, sigil’s, Law of Attraction, Aura’s, Spirit Guides, Reading for Self and Others, and so much more!

We will focus on a different theme during each Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle which will,  not only be comforting and supporting, it will also enhance your skills and empower yourself to create your own valuable spiritual ‘toolkit’ 

The Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle is a supporting space for you connect with like minded soul seekers and to help you gain tools of wisdom to move along your spiritual path of awareness, connection, learning and growth.


*NOTE  – There is strictly no refunds. If you make the booking and for whatever reason you cant make it then you can reschedule for another suitable day.

What to Bring

Bookings are required as Donna can only take a maximum of seven people in the circle. Use the link below to reserve your spot. You can book week to week and/or in advance if you wish.

WHEN: Every Tuesday (subject to cancellation) 6.30pm to 8pm (sometimes longer). 

LOCATION: Macrossan St. Brisabane City