Spiritual Mentoring * Wisdom From Spirit *

“To be authentic of oneself, it is important to become neutral, non-judgmental and project from your heart in unconditional love”

A Twin Featherz Spiritual Mentoring session is a three way dialogue between yourself, Donna and Spirit. During this session, Donna channels Spirit and offers ways to help you to enhance and boost your mojo, she will assist you to recognise your wholeness that uncovers more of your own unique true nature. Through this process, you will be supported through any emotional occurrences and you will come to discover your own self empowerment – your authentic spiritual nature. Donna’s intention is to help you overcome any self limiting beliefs and challenges and also to help you to recognize and acknowledge your potential talent to enable it and use it in a purposeful way.

What does it take to stand in the face of your own inner truth and be completely yourself in a world of chaos and discord? How do you remain present and congruent to what that inner truth means to you? How do you become centered, balanced and focused on creating a harmonious state of mind in the midst of an unsettling chaotic world?

Wisdom from Spirit says “to be authentic of oneself, it is important to become aware of, and release all ‘programing and conditioning’ from your childhood upbringing, religion, schooling, society, culture, etc. Beliefs, values and particularly memories of the past that keeps you looping in toxic behavior patterns and relationships.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your life with a sense of ‘no direction’, unable to cope and not knowing what to do? Are you seeking guidance in a secure and private environment? A need to connect with someone who is non-judgemental, non-religious and non-denominational. Maybe you feel that you need to change and are unsure how or where to start .

As a spirit mentor, Donna will support you to move out of fear toward inner harmony ,peace and love. Donna, also offers Spirit mentoring for anyone who wishes to connect with Spirit, Source, Universe, for the purpose of discovering their true purpose and taking action towards fulfilling their life and mission.

This is a 90 minute session that can be booked through the online calendar or contacting Donna directly. It is a spiritual mentoring session, where your issues and challenges are discussed in a 3 way dialogue with yourself, Donna and Spirit. Your most prominent issue will be worked on resolving and clearing with compassion, guidance, spiritual tools and practices. Donna will advise you of a few spiritual practices that you can learn and continue to work with in your own time. You can expect to feel clear of mind, calmer, focused, empowered with strength, confidence and the drive to move forward in your life.

As the Spirit Mentor, Donna  will guide and assist you in a process of spiritual awakening and self discovery during the session, whilst connecting with Spirit for answers, guidance and wisdom. Each session begins with a spiritual consultation, consisting of a few questions to open the way. As the Spirit Mentor, Donna consults with spirit, your guides, and the enlightened beings, who use her as a channel to reveal the guidance, wisdom and answers to you. Your personalised session is determined and based on your needs for spiritual and personal development. It will assist you to go deeper on your spiritual awakening and learn practical tools to change, grow, transform and create the life you wish.

Spiritual Mentoring Spirit Wisdom

90mins - $300

In this Spiritual Mentoring session you will be guided through a self-cultivation of inner harmony. It is a unique individualized experience which opens the doorway to your own realms of spiritual truth and wisdom. Allowing you to connect with spirit for whatever purpose or intention that is needed. A Wisdom from Spirit session explores a deeper connection to self for healing, guidance, direction, clarity and answers.

Wisdom from Spirit is for you if

  • if you feel out of balance from your true self
  • in need of spiritual healing from past trauma
  • would like to connect to past loved ones
  • wish to learn about your past live
  • wish to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns
  • want to learn meditation
  • want to learn to channel and connect with guides
  • you wish to see auras
  • want to overcome depression and or anxiety