Point to the Magic Square for the Oracle of LOVE

The answers of the Oracle Of Love are startling in their accuracy, and many are amazed that it should be able to speak to them so clearly, believing that it must have Occult powers.

The Oracle Of Love

Magic Squares provide endless fascination for people of all ages. This square is particularly suitable for young people, as it may be consulted to give answers on matters of the heart, though users should be warned that it may give an answer they would not wish to hear!

The Oracle Of Love – The means of use are simple, though one may wrap them around with whatever ritual one desires. The client, with eyes closed, should hold a question about the one she/he loves firmly in her/his mind, but without voicing the question to others present. 

The Reader, on judging that the Client be ready, should say theses words; “Ask the Oracle of Love the question deep in your heart,” and the Client should without hestitation point with a pen or other pointed instrument to one of the letters in the Magic Square. The Reader may open her/his eyes.  

The Reader should write that letter on a clean sheet of paper, then count along the same row, the letter after the one chosen being “one”, the next “two”, and so on, until the eighth letter be reached, and this should be written down after the letter first selected. When the right-hand edge be reached, the counting should continue without interuption from the first letter on the left-hand side of the following line. The process should continue with great care for accuracy until the Reader has worked through the whole Magic Square, continuing from the bottom line to the top, finally reaching the letter eight before the one first chosen, and writing down the eighth lettereach time, with one important caveat: the first letter lighted upon in the top row should be underlined when it be written upon the paper. 

Example; E is the first letter that the client points to. The eighth letter following this is S, folowed by A, R and so on. The result is the following message beginning at the letter D.


Like all Oracles and other means of prediction and divination, this Magic Square or Oracle Of Love should be approached with respect, for it can be capricious if treated carelessly. It should not be consulted more than thrice in one evening, and then only for 3 different clients; and on no account should any client return to the Oracle within a seven-day, with same question or any other.

Divinations like the Oracle of Love are always fun and have an uncanny way of being accurate for direct answers to questions. 

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