Tune In To Spirit – Unified Feild Of Consciousness

How to test your ability to tune in to Spirit the Unified Feild of Consciousness Its relatively a simple process to test your abilty to tune into Spirit, the unified feild of consciousness, the Universe or however you refer to God. Begin by filling a small glass with water and wrap your hands around the […]

Psychic Twin Featherz 25% Discount

How to Get Psychic Twin Featherz 25% Discount   Psychic Twin Featherz 25% Discount applies when you feel that you’ve had a good experince during your session with Donna and you have left a positive 5 star review and / or refered a paid friend. So, If you feel that you’ve had a good experience […]

Calm Your Soul To Overcome Challenges

Overcome Challenges CALM YOUR SOUL Challenges give you an opportunity to exercise your focus and determination. During challenging times you would do well to concentrate on maintaining a calm soul. This approach will help you to overcome challenges that you are facing Firstly, avoid being reactive to difficult situations that catch you off guard. While […]

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Terms of Service By booking the Services of Inner Psychic Twin Featherz you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use. You further certify that you are at least 18 years of age. Liability Disclaimer Psychic Twin Featherz makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as […]

Self Energy Healing

Self Energy Healing Self Energy Healing is a technique that can create amazing results upon oneself. Connecting with nature also creates healing as does Sun-gazing. We as humans are naturally nature’d beings and when we are out of sync with nature, we are out of sync! Apart from the sun, nature vibrates at the highest […]

Whatsapp Psychic Call – What Now?

Whatsapp Psychic Call – What Now? Download Whatsapp After you have downloaded whatsapp to your phone, go to your phone contacts and add Donna’s phone number with the + symbol: exactly like this: +61466949885 You will see her number come up with the whatsapp symbol. When you call, use the video option if you wish. […]

Celebrating International Womens Day

  Here’s to Celebrating International Women’s Day ❤️ 25% off all psychic reading options from the booking link Enter code: ‘WOMAN‘ when making the booking. (Valid for 1 month)   Booking Link Here’s sending my very best wishes and Magica lBlessings to every single woman on this planet. You are all Amazing for simply ‘BEING […]

What Is My Soul Purpose?

How Do I Know What Is My Soul Purpose Becoming the person that you infinitely are is to Empower yourself through self discovery. Asking such questions as ‘Who Am I?’ ‘ What Is My Soul Purpose?  , Etc. Tapping into your hidden talents, your Inner Wisdom, knowledge and your own Higher Truth. Discovering your greatest […]

FAQ- Distant Spirit Healing

FAQ- Distant Spirit Healing How It Works Donna will channel Spirit and connect with your vibration frequencies through the energetic connection that she has with you, herself and Spirit. You will effectively receive the healing that is summoned to you from the Spirits, your guides and also the Angels if they are required. What You […]