Channelling The Realm Of The Unseen

Channelling the realm of the unseen is an effective means of spiritual growth and self transformation. 

Channelling, in a way, is kind of like an altered state of consciousness to connect or access other realms, timelines, spirits or dimensions. It seems to be a vision or experience of spiritual energy from other times, realms and dimensions.

Channelling can and often is very spontaneous, and it usually happens unexpectedly. It can happen in the shower, driving to work, taking a walk, whilst in conversation, etc. The messages received are like an internal download unto the mind and often the messages are that of the ‘aha’ – that precise moment you have an epiphany and suddenly realise and understand something.

The more that you become aware and acknowledge these messages, the better the ‘receiver’ that you become. Over time, more visions will begin to become more apparent.  The visions are dynamic and fluid. The sensory’s are heightened and the sense of ‘knowing’ is more certain. On the receiving end, it feels like downloads of data; a collection of information that comes at once, whole and complete, very much like a computer download.

However, sometimes it can be wishy washy and not so complete with only snippets here and there through an elusive, subtle, and indirect method of knowing. It’s very easy to  push these ‘knowings’ aside or disregard them as our imaginations, even so it’s one of the strongest and direct forms of communication with the nonphysical energies.

It’s important not to judge what you see or hear; there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Allowing the energy to flow keeps the mind open, so it’s important to observe, take notes, and trust in the ‘all knowing’. It’s best to have no thoughts or concerns about the outcome; simply exist in the moment and be open to receive the information in whatever form it presents itself. Journaling whilst channelling works well because it allows you to tap into the unconscious mind and will enable flow of the information received.

Practising Channelling works best in meditation to enable connection to the higher vibrations and frequencies of spirit, and thus allowing your energy body to align with those divine frequencies. The longer that you can stay in this energy field, the easier it is to access information. You will access long-forgotten paths of knowledge, inspiration, creativity, clarity, answers and the list is endless. All of this is access to wisdom and knowledge that is not available with your five physical senses.

Channelling will enrich your life in so many ways and may prove to be full of fascinating synchronicities. The more you listen to your own inner guidance, the more you will remain present in the moment, and the more you will tend to reside in the field of love. When you are open to inner guidance, love and gratitude will naturally surround you. Enlightenment occurs as you align with these vibrational frequencies, and your energy fields change. You will begin trusting the intuitive nature that you’ve had since birth. You will become naturally compassionate for yourself and others, and you will recognise the beauty of everything and everyone in new and more meaningful ways.

Humans are an essential part of this intelligent design of life on Earth, and we certainly are not alone in this venture. It’s comforting to know that the realm of the unseen watches over us and guides us toward an awakening of all humanity.

Psychic Twin Featherz – Donna shares her wisdom and knowledge of her experiences of Channelling in her Soul Seeker Spiritual Circle which takes place on Tuesdays.

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