Past Life Reading Is Insight from the Subconscious

Have you ever experienced that eerie sense of familiarity where it feels like you have been to some place before but you just can’t seem to recall where or when? Sometimes it’s not the actual place that seems familiar to you but the surroundings, architecture, buildings, culture, colors, language, foods, etc is what’s triggering the déjà vu response.

Your soul is eternal and that’s what is ‘remembering the experience. You have lived countless lives in many different countries, cultures, races, and spoken many different languages. It is highly probable that you have lived many past lives in different places around the globe where you have had a sense of being ‘pulled’ to a country of interest, culture, historical timelines or civilisations. A past life may also show up in dreams and are also easily accessed through hypnosis.

I know that I, myself have lived many lives in Egypt and in many different eras too. I know this because I have had a strong ‘drawing’ or ‘pull’ to ancient Egypt since I was around 7 years of age. I have meditated and have had many dreams about myself in those ancient times. I have had quite a few past life hypnosis sessions to validate my dreams.

I have been to Egypt nearly every year (except 2015 and 2020) since 2011. Egypt is like my second home. It ‘feels’ like my ‘Home in Heart’ when I am there. I have a love for Egypt that I just can not explain in words. I believe that I have been a priest and a priestess in ancient Egyptian times.

Dorothy Eady, also known as Om Sety, is especially well known for her belief that in a previous life she had been a priestess in Ancient Egypt.

Cultures and religions all around the world teach that all living things have more than one life. They say that everyone and every living thing has had a past life and will continue to reincarnate over and over in another future life. Many cultures say that ‘you reap what you sow’ – your future life is often a reward of your deeds in the present life. Good deeds performed are sure to get a blissful living in the future life. The others are sure to suffer. So, never miss an opportunity to do something good.

A Past life reading is often very enlightening and empowering for anyone who is seeking insight into their own subconscious. Donna offers Past life readings in much the same way as she offers her psychic readings, whereby she channels Spirit and intuitively reviews your past lives. The lifetime that is brought forward in your reading will most often be the one that is most relevant to your life now. The information that is received about this past life will in some way be relevant to your present life and circumstances.

A past life reading can be insightful and enlightening experience and is a wonderful opportunity to discover ways to heal, change and to see a better ‘way of life’ in your current lifetime. Past life readings will give you a sense of self empowerment, personal growth and will have a positive impact for you.

What is needed from you:

* Your name and Date of Birth

* A Picture of yourself

* A breif description of your current concerns, beliefs or hinderances. (if any)

* Any questions you may have.

* After payment is processed, email your details to Donna at

This is​ a Voicemail Reading which is a recorded message that is delivered to you in an Mp3 audio format directly to your email. Something to refer back on.

Those who live today will die tomorrow, those who die tomorrow will be born again; Those who live Maat will not die.

Egyptian Proverb